California RDH Dental Law and Ethics Exam Practice Test

After creating a study guide for the California Dental Law and Ethics Exam for Dentists, many hygienists were asking if they could use that guide to study for the California Dental Hygiene Law and Ethics Exam. While similar, these tests are different, so I did not recommend that dental hygienists use that study guide I created for dentists. Never-the-less, some did review the guide, and while it was useful, it covers topics not necessarily relevant to the hygiene exam and most hygienists agreed it was not worth the expense.

After several discussions with dental hygienists who recently graduated, I decided that the best thing I could do to help dental hygienists study for the California Dental Hygiene Law and Ethics exam, was to create a practice test. I created a 60 question practice test to aid hygienists studying for this exam and released in in late 2019. Since it’s release, the majority of feedback has been positive, and it has proven to be a useful tool.

To pass the RDH California Dental Law and Ethics Exam, you should be familiar with with California Dental Practice Act, the Table of Permitted Duties, and the California Dental Association code of ethics. If you are familiar with these documents, and take the practice exam, I am confident you will pass your exam. You can find the practice exam I created here:

This is a quick quiz designed to test your knowledge for the California RDH Law and Ethics Exam.